How to Evolve From a Manager to a Leader


In business, you are always told that you must look forward to the “Next Best Thing”. This expression expands to include your own personal managerial skills. Management in Egypt can get you so far, but to get the best you need to turn your management into leadership. If you have proven yourself by establishing a successful management in Egypt, we congratulate you; and we are here to introduce you to the next best thing. Here are five traits you need to attain to get from successful management to a higher level of success: “Leadership”:1.From Management in Egypt to Leadership: Have a Vision:We need to establish that the next best level of management is leadership. In other words leadership is a management elevated to the next level. Your business is evidence that you are a visionary person. To upgrade your management performance, you need to be capable of transmitting your vision to your team members. Your management already has the advantage since Egyptians are in continuous search for a vision, and rarely do they get a clear one. Therefore your management needs to deliver its vision vibrant and alive to your team members than you are on the right track.2.From Management in Egypt to Leadership: Have Passion:Egyptians by nature are emotional and sentimental. A passionate manager has a bigger chance to get better results out of his employees than an impassionate one. This shows that if your management has a passion for its vision, it needs to transmit this passion to your team members. Succeeding to do so gets your management to the next level of success which is “leadership”.3.From Management in Egypt to Leadership: Excel in Decision Making:Management that has a well-defined process in decision making are the most likely to succeed. Make sure that your management has a good reliable decision making system and that it is committed to it. To have a successful Leading management in Egypt, you need to use the Q-CAT method in your decision making process. So be Q-Quick, C-committed, A-Analytical, and T-thoughtful (Q-CAT) to become a great decision maker. If you succeed in becoming a great decision maker, then most definitely you will excel in the Egyptian market.4.From Management in Egypt to Leadership: Be a Team Builder:A leading manager is the one that builds teams. To have a leading and successful management in Egypt, you need to build teams; you will need to be patient as the regular Egyptian Employee is not well-oriented towards teamwork. A successful leading management would delegate responsibility to employees and allow them to learn to run with it. This would require a special kind of management that does not believe in breathing down its employees’ necks or in micro-managing. In the same time the management team must makes sure to be there to answer questions and address difficult problems; while giving your crew the freedom to work through their own decisions.5.From Management in Egypt to Leadership: Have Charisma:One trait of leaders that cannot be taught in books is to “Have a Character”. To know if the members of your management team have this trait, you will need to reside to the strengths and limitations of each member and discover their style of management. Measure the responses of your team to problems, which would give you a good indicator.If you would like to have access to more insights on the keys for leading management, all that you need to do is to subscribe to our website by registering your e-mail address. Double your Income will keep you up-to-date with the latest there is about Management in Egypt.

How to Avoid Diploma Mills and Find Legitimate Online Schools

Advances in computer technology have given millions of students access to online courses. The flexibility of online degree programs makes it possible for people to attend class, earn an income, raise a family and get ahead.But some students have been scammed. When you can’t visit campuses to interview and tour, it might be difficult to distinguish the legitimate online colleges from the frauds. These frauds, also known as “diploma mills,” only provide worthless degrees for your money. This type of fraud has been practiced for generations but is mushrooming with the Internet.How Can Degrees be Worthless?Diploma mills aren’t supervised by government or professional organizations that matter to employers or legitimate schools. This means that you’ll have trouble finding employment and your credits won’t transfer to other institutions.Also, you won’t be eligible for federal student aid. The US government provides about $1.7 billion in student aid each year.Finally, there’s the threat of prosecution. Would you want your doctor to be operating with a fake degree?The Ol’ Name TrickOne trick of diploma mills is to ride on the success of a reputable school. An example from the diploma mill list in Wikipedia is Cal Southern University. This unaccredited school in Texas is registered in Niue, an island in the South Pacific.Cal Southern University could easily be confused with three legitimate California schools: the University of Southern California, California Southern University or California Southern Law School. It is on the Texas state government’s list of “illegal degrees.”Check a School’s Accreditation with CHEAThe easiest way to check a school’s accreditation is by using the free database at CHEA is the Council on Higher Education Accreditation. This is a private organization that’s aligned with standards of the US Department of Education. It approves programs at approximately 3000 institutions of higher learning.Plenty of reputable universities, including state schools, are offering accredited online degree programs. There’s no need to resort to an unknown school.Advice from the Better Business BureauCHEA doesn’t include all legitimate schools. Some religious schools opt out, for example, although there are specifically faith-related accreditors available.How can you identify a sketchy school? Here are a few red flags suggested by the Better Business Bureau:1. Their degrees can be earned unusually quickly.
2. Tuition is charged for the entire degree instead of by credit hours, courses or semesters.
3. The address includes a PO Box number or suite instead of a traditional street address.

Let Us Help You Spring Clean Your Finances!

Since spring has sprung we are taking every opportunity to open our windows and let the fresh air in. Most of us start cleaning out the garage, clean off the outdoor furniture and pack up our old clothes to donate to charity. Why should spring cleaning end with your home? This is the perfect time to tidy up your personal finances as well. Consider these recommendations to “clean” up your finances.

Contribute to your 401(k). Make sure you contribute enough to your 401(k) to qualify for maximum matching funds. Your employer is willing to give you this free money so don’t leave it on the table.

Open and IRA. If you own your own business or work for a company with no retirement plan, open an IRA. You can get big tax breaks from opening this type of retirement plan. If you don’t know which IRA is right for you, you can search “Types of Retirement Plans” at

Rate check your credit cards. The interest rates on your credit cards can have an impact on your balances and have the potential of adding up over time. If your interest rate is increasing your card balances, it’s time to shop around to find a lower rate. Other items that are options for rate checks are mortgage loans, auto loans and even your checking and savings accounts. For a real feeling of gratification, pay off the balance that costs you the high interest. If you want to zero our your balance by the end of the year, divide the amount owed by 7 and pay that amount every month. Can’t bite off that much every month? Move the balance to another card with an introductory rate and pay it off before the deal runs out. Make sure there are no high transfer fees.

Open a savings account. Follow these three steps when opening your savings account:
1. Set a financial goal and timeline.
2. Decide how much to save each month to help you reach your goal.
3. Setup automatic transfers into your savings plan from your checking account. This way the transfer is done for you and you won’t miss the money.

Review your credit report. Make sure your credit reports are free of mistakes. Remember, you are able to order one free credit report every year from each of the three major credit bureaus. You can get one free of charge from

Organize or discard old financial documents. Sort through all your bank statements, invoices, bills and other financial records and keep those that are only necessary. Be aware you need to keep tax returns, canceled checks, receipts and any supporting paperwork for your taxes for at least six years. Make sure you don’t just trash your important documents in the trash without shredding them. You don’t want them to be picked up by an identity thief.

Set up automatic bill pay. Spring-cleaning just isn’t about de-cluttering. It’s about making your financial life more efficient. Set up automatic bill pay and link it to your checking account in an effort to eliminate any chance of missing a payment and paying late fees.

Review your budget. Take a close look at your current budget and decide if you need to make any changes.

Pay off as much debt as possible. Spring is a good time to review your outstanding debts and which loans or credit cards you could pay off. If nothing else, develop a stricter payoff plan. Cleaning up your outstanding debt quickly will put you in a much better financial position for the rest of the year.

Record your financial passwords and store all your records in a secure place. Make sure you’re not using the same password for all your financial accounts. Protect yourself against identity theft by protecting your passwords and other financial documents in an online secure vault.

Be a community steward. Try and make a difference in your community. Believe it or not, giving of yourself to others will make you feel a lot wealthier.